Earthwork & Site Remediation


TITAN specializes in site development services up to 20 acres in size and congested urban roadway environments. We find ourselves welcoming the challenges of work in sensitive environments such as schools, public right of way, small footprints, high-security military bases, as well as major airfield AOA work. TITAN’s Earthwork services includes stormwater treatment, retention and detention ponds, general grading, site remediation, structural excavation, all the way through site finishes for a finished roadway.

Some of the area’s largest and most capable commercial general contractors find our earthwork abilities to be a great fit for commercial building sites where the footprint may be small, excavation quantities are a large volume, and overall the site has extreme complexity. If your site is in a tough downtown environment or has very unique technical elements then the chances are we’d be a perfect fit for the job!

Site Remediation

TITAN’s environmental services include in-situ/ex-situ soil stabilization, chemical treatment physically changing regulatory characterization of the soils, hot spot excavation, UST/AST decommissioning, SVE/AS system installation, contaminated water treatment and dewatering, shoreline remediation and restoration, and intertidal excavation of contaminated sediments.  Our senior remediation staff has over 75 years of combined experience in environmental disciplines, routinely seeking best-value solutions for our client’s while ensuring regulatory compliance to mitigate risks.

TITAN’s Environmental Remediation Division compliments our suite of civil construction services. Our in-house remediation program allows owners and general contractors alike to work with one subcontractor through demolition, removal or treatment of impacted soils, earthwork, utility installation, onsite surfacing, and offsite municipal infrastructure such as roadways with signalized intersections or illumination.  Without question our clients achieve simultaneous cost savings and schedule gains beyond what our competitors are capable of performing.