MODUS OPERANDI: Providing our clients with unparalleled civil construction services at a competitive price by leading the industry through Integrity, Safety, Quality, and Production.

INTEGRITY is the foundation of our company. We set high standards, are ethically unyielding in goal attainment, and take responsibility for our actions. We say what we mean and our product defines our reputation.

SAFETY is the guiding principle in planning and executing our services. In 2013 we achieved a Washington State Industrial Insurance E.M.R. "Safety Rating" of 0.60 which is spectacular for our risk classifications and is amongst the State’s best.

QUALITY in project management and technical implementation ensure our completed product meets or exceeds contract specifications.

PRODUCTION requires leadership, teamwork, and doing "whatever it takes" to build a quality product while safely achieving project milestones. We have established a vast network of relationships with leading suppliers and vendors which enable us to operate 24/7 to exceed our clients’ most rigorous demands.